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  • 10 vibes for Ardahan

    like locals

    Built in the 16th century by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent, Ardahan Castle is located in central Halil Efendi neighborhood. Its walls are 745 meters long. It should be preferred for a historical journey and a beautiful view.

    Located 45 kilometers from Ardahan city center Lake Çıldır is at an altitude of 1956 meters above sea level. It is the largest fresh water lake in Eastern Anatolia, after Lake Van. It welcomes the visitors with its green surface in hot weather and its ice-holding surface and white view in cold weathers.

    Lake Aktaş covers a total area of 27 square kilometers. 14 square kilometers thereof is within the boundaries of our country. Located within the boundaries of Çıldır district, the lake is an altitude of 1,798 meters and its depth reaches up to 10 meters.

    Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion, which was used as the official government building in the first years of the Republic, consists of rooms and halls that open one inside the other, as in the examples of Baltic architectural style. According to the inscription at the entrance, Ardahan National Council Congresses were held here in January 1919.

    Ardahan Flower Honey, which is produced by extracting extracts from 600 types of honey plants by the Caucasian bee race, which is considered one of the four most important bee races in the world, is among the tastes that should be tasted.

    The Ardahan carpets, which have been hand-woven by local women throughout history, are worth seeing as they feature animal and plant motifs from the Seljuk period carpet art and geometric and religious motifs from the Ottoman culture.

    Ardahan is located at an altitude of 1800 meters and has many highlands. Some of these highlands are Yalnızçam, Bülbülhan, Çıldır Yukarıcanbaz and Okçuoğlu highlands.

    Ardahan Kaşar Cheese, prepared with milk obtained from cattle fed naturally in pastures, is among the tastes that should be tasted with its smell and taste.

    In addition to Sarıkamış, Ardahan Forest, which is the only yellow pine forest at high altitude in the land climate, is among the places that should be visited with its view and relaxing feature.

    Yanlızçam Ski Center is located at an altitude of 2,715 meters. The snow falling on Yalnızçam Ski Center is “crystal snow” which is characterized with only Alp Mountains and Sarıkamış in the world.