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  • 48 hours

    in Ardahan

    First Day

    After starting breakfast with local flavors unique to Ardahan such as Feselli, Ardahan Flower Honey and Ardahan Kaşar Cheese, start your Ardahan tour by going to Lake Putka, which is home to many bird species. 

    Then, return to the center and see Ardahan Castle, which was built in the 16th century by order of Suleiman the Magnificent.

    Do not forget to witness the history by visiting Ardahan Central Mevlit Efendi Mosque built in 1701, Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion built in the 19th century and Dursun Soylu Mansion.

    Second Day

    Start out towards Taşköprü village to see the inscriptions that are thought to be the oldest inscription in the region and are claimed to belong to the Sarduri II, one of the Urartian Kings.

    Fish in Lake Çıldır, which offers different views for visitors in 4 seasons, take landscape photos and spend time alone with nature.

    Visit Akçakale, the most important of the islets on Lake Çıldır, and see Island City Ruins, thought to have a history of 10.000 years.

    After resting a little in Kenarbel Village, which is at the lakeside of Lake Aktaş, complete the day by spending time in Lake Aktaş, which is famous for its natural beauty and scenery.