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    Ardahan Highlands

    Located at high altitudes, Ardahan highlands create ideal environments for many activities such as hiking, climbing, plant research, and observing. Yalnızçam, Bülbülhan, Çıldır, Yukarıcanbaz, Ilgar mountain highlands and Okçuoğlu highlands are among the most beautiful and known highlands of Ardahan.

    Ardahan Forest

    Ardahan Forest is located in the northeast of the city, on the wide Kura Valley. Scotch pine forests, grasslands, agricultural areas and wide mountainous steppes are seen together in this important area, which is located at a very high altitude above sea level.

    The Kura River passes through the area and is bordered by the Yalnızçam Mountains in the northwest. Along with Sarıkamış, the only scotch pine forest at high altitude in land climate in our country is here.

    Lake Putka

    Lake Putka (Putka Gölü), which is 15 hectares in size, is located right by the Ardahan-Kars road. The lake, which has swampy features, is used by many bird species as a breeding ground. Many birds of prey species such as Black Kite, Hawk, Red Hawk, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Harrier and Lanner are likely to breed in forests in this important bird area. In addition, many vulture and eagle species are seen in the area, including the Black Vulture.