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    Pişi is made by mixing flour, yeast, salt and water. The ingredients are kneaded and a soft dough is obtained. After the dough is rested and fermented, it is thrown into hot oil, fried and eaten.


    Kete, a type of dough, is one of the traditional flavors of the region.  Kete varies according to the region. Optionally, walnuts, roasted flour and cheese are placed between the rolled dough and the dough is placed on a greased tray, placed in a high-setting oven and baked.


    Katmer is a type of pastry food that is prepared by placing thinly rolled doughs on top of each other, rolled out again with a rolling ping and cooked, which achieves a layered texture.

    Etli Mantı

    Etli mantı (Meat mantı) is prepared by rolling out the dough and dividing it into tiny squares and adding minced meat, onion and spice mixture into it and closing it in a triangle shape. The prepared mantı is boiled and then flavored with yoghurt and fried butter sauce.


    Feselli prepared from a kind of yeast dough is a delicious pastry prepared by oiling the dough made into a wafer and then rolling it into a roll and rolling it back into a round form and cooking on an iron plate. 

    Helle Aşı

    Prepared with the addition of flour, butter, tomato paste and black pepper, Helle Aşı is a nutritious traditional soup that warms you up on cold winter days.


    Gevrek, made from a dough enriched with cream, is prepared by rolling out the dough and cooking it on a hot plate.

    Ardahan Flower Honey

    Ardahan is the gene center of the Caucasian bee race, which is considered one of the four important bee races in the world. It is forbidden to let bees in Ardahan from other provinces except Artvin. The meadow pasture potential in the province is rich enough to accommodate 80,000 - 100,000 colonies. The meadow pastures in the city contain 600 kinds of honey plants. Ardahan Honey, which is obtained from all these plant diversities, is very valuable and important as it contains natural flower extract and made by Caucasian bee race.

    Kaşar Cheese

    Kaşar cheese is produced in the facilities in Ardahan, especially in Göle District, using milk obtained from cattle grazing in natural pastures and meadows, and sent to many regions outside the province.