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  • Ardahan GoTürkiye

    Located in the north-east boundary of Türkiye, Ardahan is the city of castles and towers with a history of about 3000 years spending a big portion of the year under the snow due to its geographical location.



    Ardahan is a rich city with its historical artifacts and natural beauties besides Lake Çıldır and Ardahan Castle.



    Damal Baby (Damal Bebeği) is a folkloric type of doll with its local clothes found in Damal district of Ardahan.



    Pişi is made by mixing flour, yeast, salt and water. The ingredients are kneaded and a soft dough is obtained. After the dough is rested and fermented, it is thrown into hot oil, fried and eaten.



    Located at high altitudes, Ardahan highlands create ideal environments for many activities such as hiking, climbing, plant research, and observing.



    Mani has an important place in the local culture of Ardahan province. Mani is a type of poem made up of a few words and verses with very deep meaning.

    10 vibes for Ardahan

    like locals

    Built in the 16th century by the order of Suleiman the Magnificent, Ardahan Castle is located in central Halil Efendi neighborhood. Its walls are 745 meters long. It should be preferred for a historical journey and a beautiful view.



    48 hours

    in Ardahan

    After starting breakfast with local flavors unique to Ardahan such as Feselli, Ardahan Flower Honey and Ardahan Kaşar Cheese, start your Ardahan tour by going to Lake Putka, which is home to many bird species.